Tuesday, April 17, 2007

GA Minutes 17 Apr 07

Statement of Sympathy and Support for the Victims and Family of Virginia Tech Shooting
Sponsored By: David Imamura ’10, Nathan Bruschi ’10, and the Executive Board

WHEREAS Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University yesterday suffered the tragic death of 33 members of the community.

LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Student Assembly, on behalf of all of Dartmouth College, express our deepest sympathies and condolences to Virginia Tech, its students, and the friends, families, and loved ones of those lost.

LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED that the Student Assembly will purchase and offer black ribbons for students who wish to take part in the nationwide showing of sympathy, and will allocate the necessary funds to achieve this end.

LET IT FINALLY BE RESOLVED that in keeping with President Wright’s recent letter (dated 17 April) to the community, SA will engage in discussions with Safety and Security in order to ensure constant review of emergency protocol.

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