Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Assembly takes on Novack redesign

From The Dartmouth:

Potential renovations of Novack Cafe were among the topics discussed during Tuesday’s Student Assembly meeting. Meisha Smith ‘09, a student coordinator of the effort, explained that a meeting is planned between Student Assembly representatives, Facilities Operations and Management and librarians in charge of the Novack space.

The effort, a potential fulfillment of one of Student Body President Travis Green ‘08’s campaign promises, would seek to make the area more student-friendly and aesthetically pleasing by replacing worn out furnishings. This might translate to reupholstering couches and benches, replacing tables, providing decorations and investing in a new paint job, according to Smith.

She also said that they were considering a “Starbucks-style” theme, but added that she would be happy to receive suggestions from the student body. keep reading

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