Tuesday, October 30, 2007

GA Minutes 30 Oct 07

Proposal to Fund the Student/Faculty Lone Pine Tavern Event
Proposed by Corey Chu ’08, David Nachman ’09, and the Academic Affairs Committee

WHEREAS improving interaction between students and professors is a central goal of the Academic Affairs Committee;

WHEREAS focusing on student/faculty relations was a goal of the Undergraduate Teaching Initiative, which was started by the Assembly in Fall 2001, and which continues to serve as a framework for Student Assembly’s academic efforts;

WHEREAS the Academic Affairs Committee believes that holding an event where students and professors can meet each other in a casual environment would be an effective way of improving student/faculty interaction;

WHEREAS the Academic Affairs Committee has been working with the Collis Governing Board to develop a student/faculty event to be held in Lone Pine Tavern, whose programming is overseen by the Collis Governing Board, which will be held in mid-November;

WHEREAS the Academic Affairs Committee and the Collis Governing Board have agreed to split the cost of the event evenly, should it be approved by the General Assembly;

WHEREAS the current plan for the event has an estimated cost of up to $600;

WHEREAS the Collis Governing Board has agreed to fund the event up to $300;

LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Academic Affairs Committee work with the Collis Governing Board to hold a student/faculty interaction event in Lone Pine Tavern;

LET IT BE FINALLY RESOLVED that the Student Assembly allocate up to $300 to fund the event.

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