Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Student Assembly Mentions

It is only because I care about SA that I wrote this in The D today:

The Demise of a True Believer
By Nathan Bruschi '10
I was one of those “true believer” freshmen: excited, idealistic and eager as ever to do whatever work was thrown at me. I didn’t just drink the Kool-Aid, I guzzled it. I got involved through the “freshmen cohort” during the Andreadis impeachment affair and in its aftermath wound up the Assembly’s secretary. It was an exciting, if time-consuming, job: lots of gossip and exclusive meetings. It was like Gawker for Dartmouth administrative politics. At my term’s end, I thought I’d give it another go-round and was elected treasurer, the Assembly CFO and second in line to the presidency. This past spring I was reelected, but quietly resigned instead. Let me explain why. Keep Reading

Course Guide Mentions:

College responds to rankings

Forbes ranks Dartmouth 127th
While no Dartmouth organization tracks usage of, interviews with several students suggest that undergraduates at the College do not frequently visit the site. “I’ve never even heard of it,” Bari Wien ‘10 said. Students said they believed the Student Assembly Course Guide is a more accurate representation of the quality of Dartmouth professors.

Regarding Finances:
The Undergraduate Finance Committee gave Dartmouth’s Student Assembly $85,000 on Tuesday for its budget for the upcoming year, which is $10,000 more than the committee allocated to the Assembly last year. Former Student Body President Travis Green ‘08, who chaired the committee this term, attributed the budget increase to the detailed budget proposal submitted by current Student Body President Molly Bode ‘09. The Assembly, in its last meeting of the term Tuesday night, voted to allocate $5,000 of the UFC-provided budget for the Summer Assembly’s use. Keep Reading

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bode Assumes Presidency Early

From The Dartmouth
Green ‘08 passes presidency to Bode ‘09

Outgoing Student Body President Travis Green ‘08 and Vice President Ian Tapu ‘08 resigned their positions Tuesday so that newly elected President Molly Bode ‘09 and Vice President Nafeesa Remtilla ‘09 could take office over a month earlier than in previous years.

Tapu resigned first, which allowed the Assembly to elect Bode as the new vice president, which they did unanimously. Green then resigned, which caused Bode to become president, vacating the position of vice president. Remtilla was subsequently voted in, again unanimously, as vice president. Keep Reading

Travis's decision to resign early was unprecedented, but allowed Molly to to more smoothly transition her leadership, a problem that has plagued assemblies in the past. Let the record show that was I the one who nominated Molly. As the organizer of the event, I'd like to thank everyone who came.

In case you missed election news coverage, here's another article from The Dartmouth

Bode ‘09 triumphs in SA election

Molly Bode ‘09 and Nafeesa Remtilla ‘09 were elected president and vice president, respectively, of Student Assembly in landslide victories, the Elections Planning and Advisory Committee reported Wednesday evening. Keep Reading
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