Friday, May 25, 2007

James Wright: ABC's "Person of the Week"

Dartmouth College Office of Public Affairs • Press Release

On Friday night, May 25, "ABC World News with Charles Gibson" featured Dartmouth President James Wright as its "Person of the Week" (click to watch) recognizing his leadership role in creating an educational counseling program for wounded U.S. veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan that is now being offered through the American Council on Education.

The New York Times carried a feature on the same subject earlier this week (Wednesday, May 23), headlined, "The Few, The Proud, the Dartmouth-Bound."(click to read)

Well done, President Wright. You've all made us proud to call ourselves sons and daughters of Dartmouth.


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Anonymous said...

James Wright is a man of great character. I may not agree with every decision he makes but I have great admiration for his work with young veterans. And if there is an embarassment to Dartmouth, it is not James Wright.

DartmouthAlum2007 said...
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DartmouthAlum2007 said...

President Wright is one of the greatest president's that Dartmouth has ever had.

I want to respond to the ridiculous comment made in comment number one about SLI and Wright being an embarassment.

I think that individuals (students and alumni alike) who define their experience at Dartmouth College on the basis of fraternities really didn't get a handle on the Dartmouth experience at all.

If you define your experience by frat parties and drinking then you wasted your four years at the college.

If I were president of the college I would do an improved Student Life Iniative and I would mandate the elimination of all Greek Life on campus. We have such a gigantic problem with housing so I would knock down all the fraternity houses and erect state of the art dorms in order to guarantee 100% on campus housing for all students for all four years.

Dartmouth should not be defined by "Animal House" or take pride in the unofficial mascot of Keggy The Beer Keg. That is disgusting. The college experience is supposed to be about the people we meet, the experiences we have inside and out of classes, and what we as individuals learn during our time here.

I know full well that many alumni dislike President Wright for the Student Life Initiative and that the college would lose much money if the Greek Life system were eliminated...but I feel that alumni who dislike President Wright or would not give money to the college if the Greek system were ever eliminated should not have been Dartmouth students in the first place.

The Greek life system is a blemish, a disgusting and immoral stain upon our campus. And the sooner it is eliminated the better it will be for the college as a whole.

The content in Student Assemblog does not represent the official positions of the Student Assembly or Dartmouth College; all views and opinions expressed herein are solely of the author. As any reasonable person can only assume, no tacit endorsement is given to the content of any of the links or videos. That would be ridiculous.