Tuesday, May 1, 2007

GA Minutes 01 May 07

Resolution to Allow Computing Services to Take Over the Blitz Terminals
Sponsored Kapil Kale ’07 and the Executive Committee

WHEREAS Student Assembly has been maintaining and replacing the blitz terminals which are located all around campus for many years;

WHEREAS the service is extremely popular;

WHEREAS SA often has difficulty maintaining the blitz terminals due to lack of manpower and expertise;

WHEREAS Computing Services has offered to take over full maintenance of the terminals due to their specialization in campus electronic networks and technology;

WHEREAS Computing Services would provide a far more professional service than student-run operation of the blitz terminals, as exemplified by the exemplary quality of the computers located in the 1st floor Berry corridor;

WHEREAS Student Assembly faces difficulty in replacing the terminals on a regular basis due to leadership turnover and annual budgetary fluctuations;

WHEREAS Computing Services would ensure that the blitz terminals would be replaced every three years;

WHEREAS the Office of the Provost has indefinitely allocated $18,000 per annum towards paying Computing Services to maintain and replace blitz terminals;

WHEREAS this program would have no cost whatsoever to Student Assembly and allow it to focus on new and different student services;

LET IT BE RESOLVED that Student Assembly, starting in Fall ’07, give Computing Services maintenance and replacement responsibilities for the blitz terminal program;

LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that for the first three years upon replacing a blitz terminal, Computing Services return the expired terminal to Student Assembly to either auction, give away, or scrap;

LET IT BE FURTHER PROPOSED that Computing Services continue to allow blitz terminal advertisements and Student Services update the campus about any changes in how to advertise;

LET IT BE FURTHER PROPOSED that Student Assembly’s Student Services committee be in contact with Computing Services regarding requests for new terminals and changes to the program;

LET IT BE FINALLY PROPOSED that Student Assembly congratulate the college administration, especially the Office of the Provost, on recognizing an important student need and dedicating a substantial sum of money on securing that service professionally.

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