Thursday, June 7, 2007

Congratulations to the New Executive Board

Summer- Nafeesa Remtilla, Allen Buansi
Fall- Anne Kasitaza, Allen Buansi
Winter- Anne Kasitaza, Nafeesa Remtilla
Spring- Anne Kasitaza, Allen Buansi

Student Life
Summer- Molly Bode, Leah Adkins
Fall- Francis Vernon, Leah Adkins
Winter- Molly Bode, Kaya Suarez
Spring- Francis Vernon, Leah Adkins

Academic Affairs
Summer- David Nachman
Fall- David Nachman, Corey Chu
Winter- David Nachman, Alison Peterson
Spring- David Nachman, Corey Chu

Student Services
Summer- Neil Kandler, Harshil Shah
Fall- Harshil Shah, Adam Halpern-Leistner
Winter- Neil Kandler, Adam Halpern-Leistner
Spring- Neil Kandler, Harshil Shah

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Farwell 2007 Executive Board

Forever and ever, endeavor.

Tim Andreadis '07, President

Jacqueline Loeb '08, Vice President

Ruslan Tovbulatov '09, Treasurer

Nathan Bruschi '10, Secretary (07W, 07S)

David Nachman '09, Secretary (06F)


Corey Chu '08, VP Academic Affairs (07W, 07S)

Adam Shpeen '07, VP Academic Affairs (06F)

Molly Bode '09, VP Alumni Affairs

Kapil Kale '07, VP Communications

James Guba '09, VP Community Service (07S)

Leah Adkins '09, VP Community Service (06F, 07W)

Lena Martinez-Watts '08, VP Diversity (07S)

Yuki Kondo-Shah '07, VP Diversity (06F, 07W)

Joe DeBonis III '10, VP Ivy Council (07S)

Katy Whisenhunt '09, VP Ivy Council (06F, 07W)

Kenny Brown Klinger '07, VP Student Life

Neil Kandler '09, VP Student Organizations (07S), VP Student Services (07W)

Josh Jacobson '09, VP Student Organizations (06F, 07W)

Harshil Shah '09, VP Student Services (06F, 07S)

Shaun Stewart '10, Parliamentarian (07S)

Jaromy Siporen '07, Parliamentarian (06F, 07W)

Raymond Rodriguez '09, Assistant to the President

Job well done.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Facebook: The Movie

(click to watch)

I would see this movie.
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